Tree felling Pretoria

Professional Tree felling service in Pretoria. The capital city of Pretoria is adorned with abundant greenery, with it’s streets lined with majestic trees that add beauty and shade to it’s urban landscapes.However there comes a time when tree felling becomes a necessary for reasons ranging from safety concerns to construction projects.This is where professional service …

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Tree Stumps

Takes up spaceLandscape enthusiasts think of areas with large tree stumps as dead space.You free up valuable space to set up a play ground or picnic table if you remove it.You could even plant a tree.Spread diseasesTree stumps invite pests like carpenters ,ants , termites and other wood- boring insects on to your property, putting …

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Why are trees Important?

They add shade and beauty to any space but they are also essential to our survival. Being living organism however can make them vulnerable to diseases and insect infection which can cause significant damage. They are also susceptible to the mother nature -strong winds, hail and thunderstorms. We can’t save every tree, sometimes removal is the only option.