Tree felling/Tree removal

Tree felling is a hazardous task that can claim the lives , and cause damage to the property when it can wrongly done , that is why you need trained, professional tree felling service to do it for you. At Sollpro Tree felling we are equipped with trained workmanship and the latest tools to cater for your tree felling needs whether it’s a single hazardous or multiple trees that you need to remove we have a capacity to handle the situation.We do tree removal, tree trimming and Pruning, Tree topping, palm trees pruning,palm trees cutting and stumps removal .

Our services

Tree cutting: partially or completely Tree cutting: because of several reasons the tree can be partly cut or completely removed and Sollpro Tree felling service is available to help you with your tree felling problem.


After a tree is felled, the stump remains,we offer stumps removal services to clear your land completely using grinding techniques that leave the area ready for landscaping or construction

Tree pruning and tree maintenance

Regular trimming is vital for the health of trees.Our professional pruning services not only improve the appearance of the trees but also enhance their health and longevity

Tree pruning and trimming

Palm trees maintenance

Palm trees maintenance involves, palm trees pruning when their leaves and seeds becomes a messy.Falling leaves can be dangerous if they can fall on your kids and property.regular palm trees pruning keeps them in good looking shape and safe .Palm trees removal involves the cutting down of a palm tree when you think to remove the Palm tree. It is not quite easy to remove the Palm trees so it needs skilled Professional to cut the Palm tree. If you need to remove your palm trees don’t look no further than Sollpro Tree felling service.

Palm tree cutting

Garden refuse removal/ thrash removal/Rubbish removal

We do removals of all unwanted garden refuses , thrash removal and rubbish removal from your yard , whenever you think to remove any of the staff that you no longer want to see in your face out of your home, we do removal services at a reasonable price.Look no further than Sollpro Tree felling service.

Rubbish removal

Garden refuse removal